Saturday, September 12, 2009


July 3, 2002
Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee

Current Champions of TNA
NWA World Heavyweight Champion - Ken Shamrock
NWA World Tag Team Champions - Vacant
TNA X Division Champion - AJ Styles

Show Results:
  • America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm) defeated The Johnsons (Richard and Rod) - Tag Match
  • Monty Brown defeated Anthony Ingram
  • Rainbow Express (Lenny and Bruce) defeated Apolo and Buff Bagwell - Tag Match
  • Puppet defeated Todd Stone - Midgets Match
  • Francine defeated Taylor Vaughn by disqualification
  • Ken Shamrock defeated Malice to retain the title - NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
  • AJ Styles defeated David Young to retain the title - TNA X Division Championship Match
  • AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn defeated Rainbow Express - Tag Match for the vacant NWA World Tag Team Championship

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